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Convert The Training Material

Notice anything special about it at level 4 blacksmith? My eyes were immediately focused on four “Convert” award for training:

* Common to convert game Scraps Fragment

* Convert to Ash Bark Petrified Corpse

* Convert Shimmering subtle essence essence

* Convert teeth Fallen eyed lizard

Basically, you will be able to convert a number of raw materials in the upper level. I just do not know (and this is something important enough to learn) is the amount of raw material, you need to update a version level. Is it common to only 100 pieces to create a piece of game about Diablo 3 Gold? Or is that only 10 of them?

I was pleased to learn that we could use nepharim die to save the materials, but the idea of ​​converting material from one layer to another seems really great. What a fantastic opportunity for exploitation! Sorry, I thought high again?

I know many people will be angry that players can transform the material to levels they can not access now, but I see it as a blessing. Think of it this way if Inferno is really so difficult that few players actually get there, how irritating it is to obtain materials, if the vast majority of the player base could not do farming? This will help reduce the cost of materials needed to develop the best in the game that would otherwise be almost impossible to acquire at the auction house. Since players can not reach the hell have not way to use the materials they are converted, their only option is to sell the house auction. So do not complain about it if you are an elitist reflex, simply because this will give you a better price for your hardware than speed end.

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